Space planning for residential project

  • Space planning is a crucial aspect of the design process. The concepts related to planning the interior spaces of the residential & commercial have changed substantially over the years, given the change in family lifestyles, the aging population and the interest in universal design. The process of space planning, however, has remained relatively static, although the outcomes of that process need to reflect a modern idea of construction & designing and how spaces are used within it.
  • The house, whether it is designed to be built or chosen after having been built, should be arranged so as to facilitate these essential activities, foster harmonious family life, minister to the privacy of the individuals living in it. It should fit the scale of living of the occupants & working of the employees in commercial places respectively. The criterion for judging the adequacy of the house is that the organization & provisions of space be such as to serve the functions of family life and the needs of each individuals within the home.
  • House that is well designed in terms of space planning and room arrangement does enhance the quality of life of its occupants. Space planning concept is to create house that provides an efficient living spaces as well as a supportive environment to contribute to the overall quality of life.

Basic objective behind Space Planning:

  1. Use space concepts to create an efficient floor plan.
  2. Organize rooms into appropriate zones for living.
  3. Create an easy to use circulation path for a floor plan.
  4. Recognize the relationship between the rooms of home.
  5. Situate rooms in a floor plan in an appropriate public-private configuration.
  6. Apply universal design concepts to the development of a plan.

Space planning for commercial project

  • Space planning is one of the key measure of workplace performance, and the easiest to measure of all. With commercial space your 2nd largest overhead after wages, just imagine how much 10% insufficiency in your commercial space planning is costing your business. Consider the cost of running out of space or not being able to adapt to change. Business space planning is an extremely important part of your property strategy.
  • Apart from financial savings, there’s the legal requirements, accommodation standards, staff welfare, telecoms. Fortunately, Business Interiors have been assisting businesses for many years.

Here are some of the things to consider :

  1. Legal requirements
  2. Space planning standards & Industry norms: We have worked with lot of companies & implemented new wats of working, we know the best ratio of meeting to work space, hot desking, quiet space, coffee culture….All these things can have a dramatic affect on your office. A creative agency, has a very different approach to a firm of solicitors.
  3. Flexibility & Growth: A well designed space will be able to react to your changing business, quickly, effectively and cheaply.We know exactly what works, and we have seen the good ideas that don’t work in practise. We know plenty of great ideas to save your money & keep it simple.

Space planning & layout

  1. Work place appraisal- To help you decide how much commercial space you really need, for now & the future.
  2. Building Feasibility – To help you decide which space is most suitable for you.
  3. Office Furniture – so many systems, so little time. Allow us to help.
  4. Building Services- Too hot by the window, too cold by the chiller- let us balance things out.

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