• CAD is an important tool in the field of interiors. All good interior design should begin with a conceptualization stage. CAD allows to visualize the full design before the project execution in an accurate way. It can save time, document drawings, assists in better coordination between the designer & client.

CAD enhances client satisfaction considerably. There are couple of reasons for this:

  1. CAD is able to accurately depict an interior design, showing clients exactly the inside of the structure will look like when the project is finished.
  2. Making changes, adjustments and refinements to the interior design is easy, allowing our clients to explore different options without incurring any problems.( little additional time and no additional money). The other advantage to the accuracy and easy of reworking the design, CAD ensures the rework costs are reduced substantially. Lastly CAD helps us to show our creativity and imagination allowing us to create truely innovative ideas & apply them without incurring any cost.

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