• Interior Design – Art of Accessorizing
    ” The Final judge in decorating, as any wise decortor knows, is not the “logic of the mind , but the logic of the eye”.
  • ” Styling”, the final chapter in the novel of design.
  • Accessories are the finishing touches of color, texture and shape that impact your decor. The role they play is important. They reflect our & your style philosophy & pull your other decor selections together to create groupings that make design sense.
  • When starting the design process, its important to set aside a portion of your budget specially for these elements. Accounting for accessories from the very beginning will ensure our client to stay on track along the way.
  • Great Accessorizing , just like the decor process itself, should follow some specific steps . Its really about layering, just as you put on the dress before the shoes, or wrap the gift before attaching the card, ensure that all renovations and cores selection like paint,lighting,fixtures and flooring have been completed and installed.
  • Next, review your space , furnishing and drapery and consider where you may need to little extra something. Accent furnishings such as side tables, task lighting (lamps), sofa, cushions and artwork are what we consider to be functional accessories. Browse for items that are fun and work with your style. They can be bold or subtle, but must always work with palettle of the project.
  • And the last, but definitely not the least layer is the cake of the design: the final accessories, These are the items that transform “a” design into ” your space” .
  • A professional can help with selecting and styling your accessories to achieve the maximum impact. A great place to look for accessories that suits your design aesthetics and make your environment speak for you is in your belongings. The best way to accomplish your design goal is by treating each phase of the decorating equally.

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