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ADI Interiors - Your Partner in Interior Design Excellence


ADI Interiors is an experienced and highly regarded company of interior designers who offer a comprehensive, personalized, and bespoke design service, involving clients in the creative process. We specialize in design consultation and project management for upscale residential and commercial remodeling and renovation.

Our approach to each project is with an open mind, as per the client's needs and desires. We believe in enhancing every possible view, combined with simple and unique design elements. From large-scale renovations to whole-house remodels, our focus is always on high-caliber design and products that bring our clients' dreams to life.

We work closely with our clients to realize their dreams and enhance their surroundings by designing environments and living spaces that create a balance between lifestyle and nature, a blend of internal and external space. By artistically blending fresh aesthetics with form and function, we can create a beautiful space that is tailored to your unique style.


Transforming Properties, Uncovering Interior Gems

Owner, Mr. Ajay M. Shah, possesses the talent, credentials, and experience to transform properties and uncover the interior gems within. We are experienced in working with project teams on a range of construction developments either independently or in conjunction with architects, developers, and builders.

Good designs are produced from careful study and research, combined with technical knowledge and artistic judgment. Extensive use of CAD and 3D modeling, which is done in-house, helps our clients visualize their projects in the best possible manner.

Mr. Ajay M. Shah

ADI Interiors offers integrated design services for the built environment, encompassing master planning, interiors, lighting, and furniture.